Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 1 Manchester’s Labour Party from 1964 to 1984
Chapter 2 Campaigning (and not setting a rate)
Chapter 3 Abolishing the Lord Mayor
Chapter 4 Tackling the Bureaucracy
Chapter 5 Equal Opportunities
Chapter 6 Neighbourhood Services
Chapter 7 Police Monitoring
Chapter 8 Regeneration
Chapter 9 Poundswick: 1985 City-wide Teacher’s Strike Provoked by Graffiti
Chapter 10 Burnage: Race Related Murder of a School Boy
Chapter 11 1987: A Terrible Year
Chapter 12 Splits on the Left
Chapter 13 Budget Crisis and the Poll Tax
Chapter 14 Compulsory Competitive Tendering
Chapter 15 Progress with Equal Opportunities
Chapter 16 Establishing Neighbourhood Services Offices
Chapter 17 Joining Up Children’s Services
Chapter 18 The All-Powerful Budget Review Working Party
Chapter 19 Reviewing Services
Chapter 20 Housing
Chapter 21 Social Services
Chapter 22 Education
Chapter 23 Leisure Services
Chapter 24 Relationships with the private sector
Chapter 25 Stringer and Spencer Clash on Environmental Issues
Chapter 26 Manchester’s Olympic Bids
Chapter 27 Change of Leader and the IRA Bomb
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