Chapter 24 Appendices

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Appendix 24A : Report on activities of Central Manchester Urban Development Corporation (CMUDC)

Appendix 24B : City Party Resolution Relating to the Urban Development Corporation (UDC)
Appendix 24C : Extracts From Reports Relating to the Central Manchester Development Corporation (CMDC)

Appendix 24D : Kath Fry's notes from the seminar on the Hulme Design Code

Appendix 24E : Report on “Hulme, Ten Years On” by the Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional futures at Salford University (SURF) in 2002.
Chapter 24 Contents List

Editor’s Comments

The text in these appendices is all taken straight from the document written by Kath. These appendices relate to Chapter 24. In Appendix 24A the body is referred to consistently as the CMUDC, the Central Manchester Urban Development Corporation, but later on it dropped the Urban to be the Central Manchester Development Corporation. In Appendix 24B, the UDC is referring to the same organisation that is CMUDC and CMDC elsewhere.

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