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Rather than charge, I believe in the free flow of information. The content of the site is licensed for you to use by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (see:

So unless otherwise noted, you can republish any content from this site online or in print for free. You just have to credit us (“CC-BY Kath Fry and Karen Cropper“) and link back to or quote this website domain ( If you are quoting from just one particular chapter, please link page to that page (eg

I haven’t restricted the licence with any of the other Creative Commons licensing terms, so you CAN edit/remix the material and CAN sell it in a repackaged version. I would very much like it to be available in a printed form. If you change it to mean something different to the original, then that would be unethical and misleading and not freely sharing the information, so I am putting it on trust that this will not be done.

If you wish to know more about Creative Commons Licensing, please see

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