Appendix 1A : Expulsions of Left Councillors from the Labour Group 1980 – 1982

Not all local councils have political party groups, but where they do exist, a similar system of Party whips is used as in the Houses of Parliament and Lords.

When the whip is withdrawn and a Member is expelled from their Party, it means they must sit as an independent until the whip is restored. Positions of power and responsibility are allocated to councillors in the majority party, so being expelled from that Party means not being eligible for any committee positions.

This table lists the expulsions of the councillors from the controlling (right-wing) Labour Group before the Left were in the majority within the Labour Group.

  13 expelled Feb ‘80 17 expelled Oct ‘81 27 expelled Nov ‘82
1 Dennis Barker Dennis Barker Dennis Barker
2 Bill Courteney Bill Courteney John Byrne
3 Frances Done Frances Done George Chadwick
4 Peter Hildrew Nick Harris Frances Done
5 Alf Home Peter Hildrew Val Dunn
6 Pat Karney Alf Home Tom Egan
7 Eddy Newman Pat Karney Nick Harris
8 Kath Robinson John Maguire Peter Hildrew
9 Arnold Spencer Graham Martin Joe Holly
10 Val Stevens Eddy Newman Alf Home
11 Graham Stringer John Nicholson Pete Keenlyside
12 Jeff Wilner Kath Robinson Eileen Kelly
13 John Wilson Arnold Spencer Peter Morrison
14   Val Stevens Ronni Myers
15   Graham Stringer Eddy Newman
16   Jeff Wilner John Nicholson
17   John Wilson Phil Openshaw
18     Sheila Robertson (later Newman)
19     Kath Robinson
20     Margaret Roff
21     Nilofar Siddiqi
22     Arnold Spencer
23     Val Stevens
24     Ken Strath
25     Graham Stringer
26     Chris Tucker
27     Niel Warren

Editorial Comments

This Appendix relates to Chapter 1. I’d like to have more explanation of what being expelled from the Party meant in practice. Did it mean also being expelled from the City Party as well? Did it mean being sent to Coventry? Did it mean not being able to get anything done for your constituents?

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