Appendix 2A : Group and Party Officers 1984-87

The Joint Policy Committee consisted of 7 Group Officers and 7 from the City Party (the 4 Officers + 3 elected by the City Party Executive).

Group Role
1984/5 1985/6 1986/7
Leader Graham Stringer Graham Stringer Graham Stringer
Deputy John Nicholson John Nicholson John Nicholson
Deputy Val Dunn
Chair Val Stevens Val Stevens Val Stevens
Secretary Pat Karney Pat Karney Pat Karney
Assist Secretary Nick Harris Nick Harris Frances Done
Chief whip Val Dunn Val Dunn Marilyn Taylor
Assistant whip Marilyn Taylor Tony McCardell
Assistant whip Basil Curley Sam Darby


Party Role
March ‘84 Sept ‘84 1985/ 86 March ‘86 July ‘86
Chair Graham Stringer (until May, then vacant) Joe Holly Joe Holly Mark Hackett Kath Fry
Vice Chair John Shiers John Shiers John Shiers Charlie Matthews Charlie Matthews
Secretary Joe Holly Kath Fry Kath Fry Kath Fry Mary Kelly
Treasurer Keith Bradley David Black David Black David Black Maria Price
Mins Sec. Kath Fry Kath Fry Kath Fry Mary Kelly Mary Kelly
W.O. Cath Potter Cath Potter
P.E.O. Duncan Edwards Duncan Edwards

Editorial Comments

The tables are taken direct from the document written by Kath. No source is quoted. Not sure what WO and PEO stand for. This Appendix relates to Chapter 2.

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