Appendix 8B : The Centre for Local Economic Strategies

The Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES)

Major players on the CLES board were Michael Ward, Deputy Leader of the GLC and Helen Jackson from Sheffield Council (who was close to David Blunkett, the then Leader). Brian Harrison, as Chair of the Economic Development Committee, was the Manchester representative. The first (joint) Chief Executives were Marj Mayo and the late Irene Bruegel, who had both worked for the GLC and who commuted from London to Manchester each week. This arrangement only lasted for about a year and Michael Ward became Chief Executive following the abolition of the GLC, with David Miller as Deputy Chief Executive. David was very close to John Prescott, who was at the time very influential in the Labour Party approach (when in opposition) to Economic Development. For some time all the local authority members on the board were Labour and when the first non Labour authority joined CLES, discussions at board meetings became more constrained.

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