Appendix 12C : Positions of Responsibility and Voting

Positions given up by the ten rebels in December 1988

  • Sam Darby – Chair of Housing Committee;
  • Ken Strath – Deputy Leader & Deputy of Housing Committee;
  • Tony McCardell – Chair of Airport Board;
  • Niel Warren – Chair of Environment Committee;
  • Shirley McCardell – Chair of Personnel Committee;
  • John Byrne – Deputy of Personnel Committee;
  • John Clegg – Deputy of Equal Opportunities Committee;
  • Peter Morrison – Deputy of Art Galleries Committee;
  • Ray Whyte – Deputy of Social Services Committee;
  • Eric Bullows – Deputy of Housing Committee;

Voting figures at City Party Executive Committee on 6th January 1989.

(Recommended person underlined, votes in brackets.)

  • Housing Chair: Sam Darby (15), Dave Lunts (7)
  • Housing Deputies (x2): Ken Strath (18), Eric Bullows (12), Alan Tomlinson (10)
  • Environment Chair: Niel Warren (11), Dennis Barker (11) – no recommendation
  • Environment Deputy: no recommendation
  • Equal Opps Chair: John Clegg
  • Equal Opps Deputy: no recommendation.
  • Airport Chair: Tony McCardell (10), Jack Flanagan (12)
  • Deputy Leader: Ken Strath
  • Personnel Chair: Shirley McCardell (14), John Byrne (8)
  • Personnel Deputy: John Clegg (15), John Byrne (8)
  • Social Services Deputy: Ray Whyte (9), Yomi Mambu (13)

Rebels holding position after the Labour Group AGM in May ‘89

  • Deputy Leader – Ken Strath;
  • Chair of Environmental services – Niel Warren;
  • Chair of Equal Opportunities – Vince Young;
  • Chair of Art Galleries – Peter Morrison;
  • Chair of Anti-poverty Sub-committee – John Clegg;
  • Deputy of Highways – Shirley McCardell;
  • Deputy of Housing – John Clegg;
  • Deputy of Equal Ops – Yousouf Gooljary;
  • Deputy of Personnel – May Bullows.

Manchester City Council Labour Group Officer Posts ‘89-‘90

Group Officers Jan 1989 May 1989 Oct 1989
Leader Graham Stringer Graham Stringer  
Deputy Kath Robinson Kath Robinson  
Deputy Ken Strath Ken Strath  
Chair Brian Harrison Tony McCardell  
Secretary Mike Harrison Mike Harrison John Clegg
Assist. Sec. Dave Lunts Dave Lunts  
Chief Whip Val Dunn Val Dunn  
Assistant Whip Eileen Kelly Eileen Kelly  
Assistant Whip Yousouf Gooljary Shirley McCardell  


Group Officers Jan 1990 Mar 1990 May 1990
Leader Graham Stringer   Graham Stringer
Deputy Kath Robinson   Richard Leese
Deputy (Vacant)   Val Dunn
Chair Gordon Conquest   Gordon Conquest
Secretary Sam Darby Pat Karney Pat Karney
Assist. Sec. Dave Lunts   Dave Lunts
Chief Whip Val Dunn   Kath Robinson
Assistant Whip Eileen Kelly   Eileen Kelly
Assistant Whip Ken Franklin   Ken Franklin

Final voting figures at the City Party on 10th May 1989.

(Recommended person underlined. Votes in brackets. Some committees have two deputies.)

Committee Chair Deputies
Leader: Graham Stringer (76);

Sam Darby (62)

Kath Robinson (77);

Ken Strath (76);

Shirley McCardell (72)

Housing: Dave Lunts (68);

Sam Darby (56);

John Clegg (72);

Alan Tomlinson (59);

Sam Darby (50)

Environment: Neil Warren (72);

Val Dunn (63)

Ronni Myers (66);

Graham Ballance (59)

Direct Works: Ken Barnes (81);

Ray Whyte (55)

Basil Curley;

Albert Garside

Equal Opps: Vince Young (63);

Val Edwards (61)

Yousouf Gooljary (?);

Val Edwards (?)

Highways: Arnold Spencer (65); Shirley McCardell (59) Shirley McCardell (59);

Jack Flanagan (58)

Social Services David Black (74); Dennis Barker (38) Rhys Vaughan (64);

Kevin Rowswell (58)

May Bullows (41)

Airport Board (GMCC appointed chair) Jack Flanagan (63);

Tony McCardell (44)



Uncontested seats at the City Party on 10th May 1989:

Committee Chair Deputies
Art Galleries Peter Morrison Bernard Stone
Economic Development: Brian Harrison Mark Hackett
Education: Richard Leese Tony Burns
Finance: Mike Harrison Nick Harris
Leisure: Kath Robinson Nilofar Siddiqi
Planning: Andrew Fender Eileen Kelly
Trading Services George Chadwick Eddie Hopkins

Sub-committees of P&R at the City Party on 10th May 1989

Sub-Committee Chair Deputies
Campaign & PI: Pat Karney (61);

Tony McCardell (46)

Ronni Myers (54);

Ray Whyte (46);

Personnel: Kath Fry David Black (56);

May Bullows (53);

Neil Warren (47)

Architects: Bill Risby (48)

Eric Bullows (43);

Peter Morrison
Urban Policy: Chris Morris Irene Summers (52);

Ray Whyte (41)

Anti-Poverty: John Clegg (47);

Kevin Rowswell (43)

Gerry Carroll (67);

Kevin Rowswell (47); Ray Whyte (34)

Race: Khan Moghal (49);

Y. Gooljary (34);

Mike Harrison (43);

Y Gooljary (42)

Poll Tax: Pat Karney Mike Harrison (46);

Ken Strath (42)

Other (uncontested) P&R Sub-committee positions

Committee Chair Deputies
Gen Purposes: Graham Stringer Val Dunn
Neighbourhood Services: Dave Lunts Val Dunn
Nuclear Policy: Arnold Spencer  
Urban Policy: Chris Morris  
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