Appendix 18B : Value for Money Reviews

Value for Money Reviews Done in 1993/94

  • Car Parks, Performance bonds, Design fees, Street cleansing, Env improvement schemes, City supplies, Car loan scheme, Abraham Moss, Overtime, sickness & R & S time, TH maintenance, Petrol and fuel monitoring, Security issues, Microfiche, Printing and reprographics.
  • District Heating (policy established VFM not necessary).
  • Petrol and fuel monitoring – fuel monitoring system to be purchased.
  • Depot costs – ongoing.
  • Pavement materials (and trip claims) – ongoing.
  • Photocopying – commenced.
  • Insurance – commenced.

Value for Money Reviews Proposed for 1994/95 (after appraisal) (40 days allocated per review)

Suggested by officers:

  • Vehicle parts store,
  • Art Galleries – income generation potential,
  • grounds maintenance client function,
  • collection of housing rents,
  • Aboriculture – arising from discussions with Internal Audit

Suggested by BRWP:

  • Advertising (council vehicles, lamp posts, posters, role and operation of advertising unit),
  • Trade or commercial waste,
  • Use of taxis and officer travel.

Editor’s Comments

This text is taken straight from the document written by Kath. This Appendix relates to Chapter 18. I don’t know what R & S time refers to.

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