Appendix 18C : Councillors’ Allowances

The previous system of councillors claiming an attendance allowance for each meeting attended, and claiming back money spent on telephone calls and car mileage as expenses, was due to be ended (May 1990).

The total amounts claimed by all councillors for all types of allowances and expenses was put together into one pot of money that was to be re-distributed as ‘flat-rate’ allowances paid in the form of a monthly ‘salary’ regardless of how much actual time an individual spent on Council business. Whereas some of the hardest working councillors would lose out on this system, the compensation was not having to complete laborious claim forms or hang on to a myriad of receipts and bills. The chairs of committees were to get an additional allowance for their additional ‘responsibility’ – ie reflecting the huge time commitment involved in being the chair of a committee.

  • 1991 Basic allowance £2,322; Leader – £7,000; Major Chair – £4,500.
  • Oct 1992 – Allowances cut. Basic – £2,172; Leader – £6,462; Major Chair – £4,155
  • Jan 1993. Basic up to £2,204; Leader – £6,760

In June 1995, it was agreed that the ‘salary’ would be based on a specified number of days at the national median white collar wage. The basic allowance for all councillors was to be £5,160 pa with special responsibility allowance on top.

Leader – 204 days (£12,384), Deputies – 162 days (£8,772), Major committee chairs (Finance, Education, Housing, Social Services) – 144 days (£7,224), Other chairs – 108 days (£4,128), Deputy chairs and leader of main opposition – 84 days. Members without special responsibility – 60 days.

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This text is taken straight from the document written by Kath. This Appendix relates to Chapter 18.

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