Appendix 18D : 1996 Review of BRWP

Report From the Meeting of Chairs of Committees to Review BRWP (June 1996)

The meeting had a real commitment to collective, corporate working across committees and committee Labour Groups, and a determination that we should effectively co-ordinate the development and implementation of our policies in an integrated manner…

  • All chairs were elected following nomination by the Party, and as a consequence should recognise their particular responsibilities individually and collectively to lead, and account for, the implementation of Party policy and Group decisions.
  • Chairs of committees should continue to meet on a regular basis to:
    1. Co-ordinate the preparation of all aspects of the budget;
    2. Discuss major, corporate policy issues;
    3. Discuss major policy issues and politically sensitive issues arising from budget implementation;
    4. Facilitate the effective delivery of our political programmes in an integrated, cross-departmental way;
    5. Ensure positive agenda-setting to deliver our political objectives.
  • These meetings should not be decision-making. Decision-making should remain the preserve of the appropriate Council committees and their Labour Groups.
  • In general, the purpose of the chairs meeting is not to settle inter-committee disputes or trouble-shoot

Editor’s Comments

This text is taken straight from the document written by Kath. This Appendix relates to Chapter 18.

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