Style Conventions

These are the style rules I am aiming to adhere to.


  • City Council
  • The Council
  • City Councillor
  • Labour Party
  • Labour Group
  • Conservative Party
  • LibDem Party
  • the Left
  • the Right
  • Council Leader
  • Chief Executive (all job titles except when referred to in the collective eg social workers, environmental housing officers, chief officers)
  • Policy and Resources Committee Chair (all committee titles)
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Appendix (wherever referred to in the text)
  • Chapter headings Title Case
  • Sub-headings Title Case


  • trade unions
  • spring, summer, autumn, winter (because they are generic nouns)


Kath has tended to use first names for people that she knows and surnames for national politicians. This does make it a little confusing for the reader who doesn’t know the people. I have opted to add in surnames the first time the person is referred to on a page in the hard copy version and the first time they appear in a sub-headed section. Hopefully this makes it easier for people who don’t start at the beginning and are like me and don’t always remember names when they are reading.

Quotation Marks

  • Double for reported speech
  • Single for terms/phrases

Year plurals

No apostrophe in decades in numbers – ie 1980s NOT 1980’s.


In the book:

  • body text – Times Roman
  • titles – Georgia

On the website:

  • body text – Open Sans, Latin/Cyrillic-ext (best of the fonts available with this template without having to mess with the code)
  • headings within posts h1 – because I have managed to reduce the size using the custom CSS