Manchester is a major city in the North West of England with a rich industrial heritage. This is an account of a short period (1984 – 1997) in the history of Manchester City Council, when a group of radical socialists attempted to change the nature of local government at the same time as dealing with a sequence of massive budget cuts imposed by successive Tory governments. 1984 saw the culmination of a struggle in Manchester between the left and right-wings of the local Labour Party, when the left-wing took over the administration of the Council and began their ‘revolution’. For more overview, please see the Introduction.

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(I) Left Versus Right

(II) Putting Policies Into Practice, 1984 – 1987

(III) Dissent, Compromise and the Tory Agenda

(IV) Progressing The New Initiatives

(V) Maintaining Core Services

(VI) Building a World Class City

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