Change of Leader and the IRA Bomb

This short chapter covers the period in 1996 when there was a change of leadership of the Labour Group. Graham Stringer was selected as parliamentary candidate and Richard Leese was elected as Leader of the Labour Group and the Council. Just 6 weeks after he became Leader, the IRA exploded a bomb in the centre of Manchester. The experience in the immediate aftermath of this terrible event and then how the city recovered is also covered.
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No viable leadership alternatives
Stringer selected as parliamentary candidate
Dissatisfaction forced leadership contest
IRA Bomb in Manchester
Emergency Planning in Action
Rebuilding the city centre
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Editor’s Comments

Sub-headings added and some rewording of a few sentences.


[1] Supported housing (chaired by Claire Nangle); NCB review (chaired by Richard); Voluntary sector (chaired by Martin Pagel); Community Safety (chaired by Marilyn Taylor); and Local Access to services (chaired by me).

[2] The fund was administered by John Glester (former Chief Executive of CMDC).

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