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Photograph of Manchester City Councillors 1994

I can only identify a handful of the people in the picture so welcome any additional information. 79 of the 99 councillors on Manchester City Council after the May 1994 elections.

Neil Kinnock and Kath Fry 1992

Photos of Neil Kinnock’s visit to Cavendish Primary School, Didsbury, 1992

Pictures of Neil Kinnock at Cavendish Primary School, West Didsbury, during a visit to Manchester on 31 January 1992 to support Labour candidates.

Bibliography: Reading about Manchester

You may not have noticed yet, but I’ve already added the Bibliography page to the site. I’ve included two additional books in the picture that Kath didn’t use. I bought...

Manchester to have first statue of a woman since Queen Victoria

The news this week that Emmeline Pankhurst has been selected as the first woman to be honoured by a statue in Manchester since Queen Victoria, reminded me of an image...

Manchester City Council campaign video 1993

Manchester City Council campaign video opposing 2 mile rule for schools 1993/94 This is recorded from a VHS tape playing on the TV. It outlines local government education finance issues...