Photograph of Manchester City Councillors 1994

This photograph of 79 (out of a total of 99) Manchester City councillors was taken June or July 1994 by Paul Herrmann who has given permission for it to be used on this site. The image is NOT covered by the Creative Commons licence of the rest of this site. Click on image to view larger.

Manchester City Councillors June or July 1994

Manchester City Councillors June or July 1994 taken by Paul Herrmann

I have overlaid a grid for identification purposes. I could only identify a handful of the people in the picture and have filed in the rest from contributions of others. But there are still gaps, so I welcome any additional information. Please click on the image to enlarge it. If you download it on to your own computer you will be able to enlarge it further.

Same image with a grid overlay to identify individual councillors

Same image with a grid overlay to identify individual councillors

Please use the comment box at the bottom of the page to submit any names missing from this list, or, if you want to submit a list, please email it to kathfrysbook at gmail dot com (replacing the at and dot with symbols). If you want to print a sheet to use while looking at the image, here is an A4 list as a PDF or Word document (including a list of possible names to jog your memory). The Word version could also be used to submit a list of names electronically by email. Unless otherwise stated, the councillors below are Labour.

C1: Bernard Selby
D1: Gerry Carroll
E1: John Byrne
N1 LEFT: Mary Humphreys
N1 RIGHT: Larry Murphy
P1: George Harding

C2: Wendy Helsby?
D2: Maria Rowles?
E2: Simon Wheale (Lib Dem)
F2: Simon Gluck (Lib Dem)
G2: Mike Kane
H2: Tom O’Callaghan
J2: Ken Strath?
K2: Peter Dungey
L2: Cath Inchbold
M2: Dave Lunts
N2: Kath Fry
P2: Vince Young
Q2: Jack Flanagan

A3: Gerard Collier?
B3: Yomi Mambu
C3: Iain Donaldson (Lib Dem)
D3: John Bridges (Lib Dem)
E3: Khan Moghal
G3: Glyn Evans
H3: Gordon Conquest
I3: Tony Burns
J3: Ken Franklin
K3: Alan Spinks
L3 LEFT: Griff Berry?
L3 RIGHT: Patricia Conquest
M3: Peter Morrison
O3: Arthur Maloney
P3: Geoff Bridson
Q3 LEFT: Bernard Stone
Q3 RIGHT: Marilyn Taylor

A4: Val Edwards
B4: Sandra Bracegirdle
C4: Mark Hackett
D4: Alison Ryan
E4: Arnold Spencer
G4: Basil Curley
H4: Audrey Jones (Lib Dem)
I4: Alison Firth (Lib Dem)
J4: Jackie Pearcey (Lib Dem)
K4: John Commons (Lib Dem)
L4: Keith Whitmore (Lib Dem)
M4: Simon Ashley (Lib Dem)
N4: Nilofar Siddiqi
O4: Eileen Kelly
Q4: Martin Pagel
R4: Claire Nangle
T4: Gary Betney

B5: James Ashley (Lib Dem)
C5: David Sandiford (Lib Dem)
D5: George Chadwick
F5: Henry Cooper
G5: Pat Karney
H5: Joyce Keller
I5: John Smith
J5: Sheila Smith (Lord Mayor 1994/95)
K5: Graham Stringer (Leader)
L5: Roni (Veronica) Myers
M5: Richard Leese
N5: Brian Harrison
O5: Kath Robinson
P5: Bill Risby
R5: Dot Rathbone

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6 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Showed Brendon Jones who says:

    B5 – James Ashley
    C5 David Sandiford
    F5 Henry Cooper
    G5 Pat Kearney
    H5 Joyce Keller
    I5 John Smith
    J5 Shelia Smith
    K5 Graham Stringer
    M5 Richard Leese
    05 Kath Robinson
    P5 Bill Risby
    C4/5 Mark Hackett
    G4 Basil Curley
    H4 Audrey Jone
    I4 Alison Firth
    J4 Jackie Pearcey
    K4 John Commons
    L4 Keith Whitmore
    M4 Simon Ashley
    N4 Nilofar Saddiqui
    Q4 Martin Pagel
    R4 Claire Nangle
    T4 Gary Betney?
    B3 Yomi Mambu
    C3 Iain Donaldson
    D3 John Bridges
    H3 Gordon Conquest
    I3 Tony Burns
    J3 Ken Franklin
    K3 Alan Spinks
    L/M3 Patricia Conquest
    M3 Peter Morrison
    P3 Geoff Bridson
    Q3 Bernie Stone and Marilyn Taylor
    E2 Simon Wheale
    F2 Simon Gluck
    H2 Tom O’Callaghan
    K2 Peter Dunphy
    N2 Kath Fry
    C1 Bernard Selby
    E1 John Burns!

    • karencropper says:

      Thanks for that contribution. I feel 1994 is not that long ago, but then I thought about it and it is 22 years ago!

  2. karencropper says:

    List from Isobel Freeman via Facebook.
    A3 Gerard Collier?
    A4 Val Edwards
    C2 Wendy Helsby?
    B4 Sandra Bracegirdle
    D1 John Byrne
    D2 Maria Rowles?
    D4 Alison Ryan
    E3 Khan Moghal
    E4 Arnold Spencer
    F4 Helen Johnson
    G2 Mike Kane
    G3 Glyn Evans
    J2 Ken Strath?
    K2 Peter Dungey
    L2 Cath Inchbold
    L3 Griff Berry?
    L5 Roni (Veronica) Myers
    M2 Dave Lunts
    N1 Left Mary Humphreys
    N1 Right Larry Murphy
    N5 Brian Harrison
    P1 George Harding
    P2 Vince Young
    O3 Arthur Maloney
    O4 Eileen Kelly
    R5 Dot Rathbone
    T4 Gary Betney

  3. karencropper says:

    From David Black by email: “L3 (left) is Griff Berry – not sure if A3 is Gerry Collier – could be. John Byrne is E1 not D1 – D1 is Gerry Carroll. N3 is Peter Morrison and D5 is George Chadwick.”

  4. Carole Deary (ne Flanagan) says:

    Q2 is my dad, Jack Flanagan, who was councillor for Clayton and Beswick.

  5. Michael Berry says:

    I can confirm it is My father Griffith Berry BEM J.P at L3 left

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