Five Years Ago Today

What are you taking pictures of me for?

Kath Fry died on election day, 5th May 2011 in the morning in A&E at the MRI, having arrived there by ambulance in the night. It was a shockingly abrupt end caused by an infection in lungs that no longer had any capacity to fight it because of the lung cancer. Five years on and it is again a local election day on 5th May. I’m sure there will be people at the count tonight who will think of her. It seems a long time ago, but also feels to have passed very quickly, as time does. For more information about her life see the About section. For more information about her illness see her blog.

I started this website five years after Kath was diagnosed with cancer, and set myself a deadline of completing the project by the 5th anniversary of her death. That goal has basically been achieved, in that all of the chapters have been checked/edited and added to the site. I feel I need a rest now from the project for a while. I hope she would be happy with how it has come out. At least her work has a chance to be seen by a wide audience.

I hope that she will be remembered for all that she did for the people of Manchester, not just what is recorded in this book.

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