Monthly Archive: February 2016

Composite head shots of Margaret Thatcher, Neil Kinnock and David Steel with a map showing the seats won by each political party and the year 1987 over the top

1987 A Terrible Year now online

Labour lost 9 council seats in the May 1987 local elections. Budget decisions were made for 1987/88 in the optimistic hope that a Labour government would win a general election, but when this was called in June 1987, Thatcher disappointingly won a third term…

Street sign saying welcome to Burnage and school photo of class of boys

Burnage: Murder in the Playground 1986

Chapter 10, Burnage: Race Related Murder of a School Boy, is now online. The findings of the Macdonald Inquiry into the death of 13 year old Ahmed Iqbal Ullah, after...

Chapter 9 about Poundswick Graffiti in 1985 now online

An incident in 1985 of graffiti by a group of pupils and ex-pupils at Poundswick High School, in Wythenshawe, triggered a series of events leading to strike action in schools...

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