Burnage: Murder in the Playground 1986

Chapter 10, Burnage: Repercussions of the Race Related* Murder of a School Boy, is now online.

The findings of the Macdonald Inquiry into the death of 13 year old Ahmed Iqbal Ullah, after being stabbed by a fellow pupil at Burnage High School on Wednesday 17 September 1986, were published in 1989 with the title ‘The Burnage Report: Murder in the Playground: Report of the Macdonald Inquiry into Racism and Racial Violence in Manchester Schools’ . This chapter refers to summaries from that report, but primarily aims to focus on the impact of the events on Manchester City Council and its implementation of new policies. A culture of violence in the school and racial tensions were the precursors of the attack, but how the incident was handled inflamed racial tensions more and had repercussions for a long time after. In 2016 it will be 30 years since this tragic death. To mark this anniversary the Education Trust established in his memory are building an archive that reflects on and commemorates Ahmed’s death and legacy.

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The image for this post on the blog summary page and where it features on other social media includes a section from an image CC-BY Geoff Royle showing the road sign. The school boys was from friends reunited photographer uncredited, from a class around the similar era to these events.

* The Title of Chapter 10 was changed in August 2018 to better reflect what the chapter was about. The original title by Kath was just ‘Burnage’. And this post was edited in October 2018.

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