Chapter 3, Abolishing the Lord Mayor, is ready on the website

I have sorted out this chapter out of order because I thought it was one that might have more general appeal (and because it was a bit easier). It has been on the site for a couple of days already, but I added some sub-headings to break the text up a little and I find I am still tweaking those. I had made a PDF and added a button for that, but I have taken it off again as I am still trying print/PDF options.

Read the chapter here.

When the Left took over, the abolition of the pomp, ceremony and cost of the post of Lord Mayor was a way of asserting their political ideals. But there was a failure to recognise its symbolic role and the importance to the general public. Antagonism generated from the Manchester Evening News, mitigated against any possibility of building support for other more important measures.

Ending the practice of the Lord Mayor and family actually living in the Town Hall for a year, with attending servant, was not the issue, and was a wise cost saving measure. But the title and the chain of office are invested in such symbolism that the position was reinstated after a few years of turmoil. 

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