Chapter 1 Manchester’s Labour Party from 1964 to 1984 is edited and on the website

I finished editing chapter 1 last night, and putting it as a page on the site. You can read it here:

I didn’t have time to add a blog post last night, but did put a tweet out with a link to the page, and already it has had over 300 views. Perhaps this is of more interest than I thought. Whether all of those views are people actually reading it is another matter.

I have put in sub-headings to break the text up a little, not an easy thing to do, but I hope it makes it a bit easier to digest.

This chapter details the intricacies of the ‘broad church’ of politics on the Left – the left-wing and right-wing of the Labour Party, the Hard Left and the Soft Left, and how the policies changed as a new wave of younger socialists gradually took over the balance of power in Manchester City Council. The Left gained a majority within the Labour Group, but not in the Council, leading to a situation where the right-wing of the Labour Group could vote with the Opposition to block policies and recommendations agreed at the City Party.

What struck me was how relentless the cycle of elections makes things. In Northamptonshire we just had elections of all of the councillors once every four years. I think a four year term does mean that the council has a fixed period where everyone knows who’s in charge and what their agenda is, which must make it easier both for the officers and politicians alike. Who, I wonder, decided what the cycle of elections would be?

Manchester Town Hall Albert Square CC-BY Mark Andrew

Manchester Town Hall Albert Square CC-BY Mark Andrew

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