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You may not have noticed yet, but I’ve already added the Bibliography page to the site. I’ve included two additional books in the picture that Kath didn’t use. I bought them both in 2014 when I was having a previous attempt at sorting out this project. I haven’t read either of them cover to cover, but have dipped into them and found the sections that relate to specific chapters that I am editing.

‘City of revolution’ is a collection of chapters written by different people, all academics, and helpfully has little biographies of each of the authors. It was published in 2002, but thanks to the power of the internet I have been able to look up some of them and make contact. So far I have sent 3 emails to the authors of the chapter covering Manchester’s bids to host the Olympic games, which is covered in chapter 26. All three replied very quickly and positively and it has encouraged me no end. I will send a few more emails off I think to some of the others.

‘People, Politics, Policies and Plans’ is by Ted Kitchen, who at the time the book was published in 1997 was also an academic, but the book is drawn from his period of working as an officer in Manchester City Council from 1979-1995, starting as Assistant City Planning Officer and then through many other senior planning roles including being Acting Chief Executive and Acting Clerk  to the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority March – October 1992. I haven’t tracked down an email address for him yet, so if anyone has it or you are reading this, Mr Kitchen, please get in touch. I can identify with this account much more than Kath’s, having been an officer myself in the Planning and Transportation Department of Northamptonshire County Council for 7 years. I think these are two sides of the complex interaction between the politics and delivery of services told from the inside, and so this book is a good companion read for the account on this website.


Kitchen, Ted; ‘People, Politics, Policies and Plans: The city planning process in contemporary Britain’, Paul Chapman Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom, 1997 (on Google Books)

Peck, Jamie; Ward, Kevin; edited by; ‘City of Revolution: Restructuring Manchester’, Manchester University Press, United Kingdom, 2002 (on Manchester University Press website)

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