Appendix 3A : Manchester Lord Mayors 1978-2010

Unless otherwise stated, representatives of the Labour Group.

Year Lord Mayor Deputy Lord Mayor
1978/79 Trevor Thomas
1979/80 Gerard Fitzsimons (Con) Trevor Thomas
1980/81 Winnie Smith Trevor Thomas
1981/82 Hugh Lee Winnie Smith
1982/83 Clifford Tomlinson Hugh Lee
1983/84 Michael Taylor Clifford Tomlinson
1984/85 Harold Tucker (Con) Michael Taylor
1985/86 Chair of Council Ken Strath Margaret Ainsworth
1986/87 Chair of Council Kath Robinson Ken Strath
1987/88 Chair of Council Eileen Kelly Jack Flanagan
1988/89 Pat Conquest Jack Flanagan
1989/90 Yomi Mambu Pat Conquest
1990/91 John Gilmore Yomi Mambu
1991/92 George Chadwick John Gilmore
1992/93 Bill Egerton Bill Risby
1993/94 Bill Risby Sheila Smith
1994/95 Sheila Smith Joyce Keller
1995/96 Joyce Keller Derek Shaw
1996/97 Derek Shaw Gerry Carroll
1997/98 Gerry Carroll Gordon Conquest
1998/99 Gordon Conquest Tony Burns
1999/00 Tony Burns Hugh Barrett
2000/01 Hugh Barrett John Smith
2001/02 John Smith Roy Walters
2002/03 Roy Walters Audrey Jones (Lib Dem)
2003/04 Audrey Jones (Lib Dem) Tom O’Callaghan
2004/05 Tom O’Callaghan Afzal Khan
2005/06 Afzal Khan James Ashley (Lib Dem)
2006/07 James Ashley* (Lib Dem) then David Sandiford Glynn Evans
2007/08 Glynn Evans Mavis Smitheman
2008/09 Mavis Smitheman Alison Firth (Lib Dem)
2009/10 Alison Firth (Lib Dem) Mark Hackett

*died in office

A full list of Mayors and Lord Mayors of Manchester is available on Wikipedia.

Editor’s Comments

This table is taken straight from the document written by Kath. No source of the information was quoted. This Appendix relates to Chapter 3.

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