Appendix 22B : Motion to CLEA Conference 18 June 1993 (by Kath Fry)

Motion to CLEA Conference 18 June 1993 (by Kath Fry)

“This Conference notes that the backlog of repairs to school buildings in England and Wales has been estimated at between £2 billion and £4 billion and believes that this is a national scandal.

“This Conference calls on the Minister of State for Education to recognise that in addition to this enormous backlog of repairs, there are thousands of CLASP-built schools[1] that have reached the end of their planned lifespan and need to be replaced with new schools, and many thousands of out-of-date Victorian school buildings in need of major re-modelling in order to deliver the National Curriculum.

“This Conference calls on the Minister of State for Education to explain publicly how it has been possible for the FEFC[2] (whose money came from withdrawing RSG[3] from Local Authorities) to give capital grants totalling £114.8 million to the 451 Colleges whilst at the same time he is unable to allocate adequate borrowing powers to LEAs[4] to begin to tackle the overwhelming problems outlined above.

“This Conference further urges the Minister to develop a strategy for bringing the nation’s schools up to the standards set by the 1981 Government regulations, rather than abolishing those regulations”.

Editor’s Comments

This text is taken from the document written by Kath. This Appendix relates to Chapter 22. I added the footnotes. CLEA was the national Committee for Local Education Authorities.


[1] Pre-fabricated buildings constructed by the Consortium of Local Authorities Special Programme (CLASP), standard construction using a relatively light-weight steel girder construction with panel infill, frequently using a lot of asbestos.

[2] FEFC = Further Education Funding Council – more info on Wikipedia.

[3] RSG = Revenue Support Grant. This grant is unhypothecated, which means that local authorities decide how it should be spent according to their needs and priorities. This funding is allocated to local authorities by central government on the basis of a population based distribution formula.

[4] LEAs = Local Education Authorities

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