Chapter 12, Splits on the Left, is now online

View Chapter 12, Splits on the Left, here.

As the title suggests, this chapter mostly covers the conflict, splits and deals between different parts of the Labour Group on the Council and the City Labour Party in the period 1988 to 1992. This covers clashes with and intimidation from the Militant Tendency. Police were called to council meetings because of fear of violent clashes, with protests about cuts being made and the approach taken seen as capitulating to the Tory government. There was a strike in June 1988 in Cleansing Services. Ten councillors led by Sam Derby were expelled by the Party for consistently voting against the whip. The Left ended up doing a deal with the Right of the Labour Group in order to keep control of the important committees and overall keep Labour in control of the Council and reducing the influence of the rebels in the middle.

This chapter is long and the detail of people is hard to wade through if you don’t know who they all are. However it’s hard to see how to avoid it. The level of detail gives me a picture of how much time and energy was involved in just sorting out the positions of power before actually doing anything else.

There are three appendices:

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