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I don’t recommend printing the chapters (think of the environment!), but I want to allow people to read the content in whatever way suits them best. I’ve looked at various options for formatting the printed pages and have decided that providing a PDF at A4 format that can either be downloaded onto computer or mobile device for viewing offline or can be printed direct from the browser is the best option.

The main document file that I am working on is of the whole book set at a 6″ x 9″ page for printing as a paperback. So there’s some fiddly reformatting required to make it A4. Now that I have experimented and got the process working OK, I am adding a button to the PDF when there is one available for a chapter, starting with Chapter 1.

Eventually I hope that there will be a way of buying a print-on-demand paperback of the whole book, probably via If this is of interest to you, please could you send me a message via the contact form. There will be no obligation to buy if you have expressed an interest, but if a significant number of people are interested in a hard copy then it would be cheaper for everyone to do a print run than go down the print-on-demand route.

Amendment: I am testing out a printing option with a button in the right side bar. You have to scroll down. I don’t like it because of the advertising, but the functionality is great. You can choose to remove sections from your print or PDF. At the moment there is an issue with picking up the footnotes. If you can’t see the print button I may have removed it after posting this. If you want to be able to print for some reason and you cannot find the way, please contact me via the contact form.


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